End-to-end sales operations and management solution

VP of Sales of a multinational company in the hospitality industry asked for an Excel-based management dashboard. Following a complete solution supporting all sales processes we delivered, we were asked to analyze the whole company and replace legacy systems.

When Hospitality Designs employees arrive to work in the Vancouver, Canada headquarters, a large monitor showing sales performance and pipeline dashboard greets them, presenting summaries of all salespersons in beautiful colors and vivid charts.
Sales results are presented to each salesperson and managers in all departments in tailored dashboards. They summarize a classic sales process: pipeline management, sales quotas and bonuses, sales performance analysis by regions / salespersons / customers industries, and more…

Project highlights:

  • Automatic background data interfaces allowing each person to focus on his business process
  • Tailored dashboards by role: for the salespersons themselves, department managers and employees
  • Simple and friendly user interface and experience, designed with beautiful colors making business insight easy