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excel software solutions

Rich interface hides complexity and sophistication

The art of business understanding translated into a beautiful, intuitive and effective software

What does it take to produce a great software: a programmer? a business analyst? a process specialist? a designer? an artist? probably all of them!

Be it a simple tool or a full blown application to manage your complete business processes, a great software needs to meet these criteria:

  • Make you feel it is taking you one step ahead of what you had in mind
  • Intuitive to use without investing too much in learning
  • Fit naturally in your business process
  • Expose a clean, simple interface while hiding sophistication and automation under the hood
  • Considers all strings attached: data life-cycle, interface & integration, data & process collaboration
  • Well planned for anticipated scaling and growth
  • Reliable, manageable, fast, affordable to buy and maintain

It takes many years of experience, in different roles and industries, to master the business, usability, process, technology and integration aspects of a great software. As we blend all these ingredients, passion and attention to details into your project – your software is promised to make you happy.

excel software solutions

Dynamic dashboard reflecting data streaming from multiple sources

What to expect from our partnership?

As we value your utmost satisfaction and take pride in our products, we take the time to study your needs, complement that with our own ideas relevant to your industry and business process, and envision the solution before we take the pencil to start the design process or submit our proposal to you. We will invest a couple of hours just to make sure we can promise a great software to you – with no commitment on your behalf. A typical process may follow these steps:


  • Listen to your desire, pain, goals and expectations
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Suggest improvements and modifications, up to re-visiting the whole approach if necessary
  • Agree on the best approach and concept that best serves your business expectations
  • Agree on our engagement terms
  • Work hard, pay attention to details, design beautiful interface, fit the solution to your process and throw in our secret sauce!
  • Deliver your product after testing
  • Listen to your experience and feedback and make adjustments until you’re happy

This process has proven to make all of our customers happy!

Mor has delivered a great product and ahead of schedule. During the process of creating the tool requested, Mor was patient and persistent on learning my needs, purpose and goal for the tool, before he started the creative process. His attention to detail was keen and productive. I will continue to use his services as other projects become necessary.
Pedro Baez

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