Lab Results to Customer Report Solution

Core solution for lab results collection, processing and publishing a detailed final customer report for St-Croix Sensory, USA. A 5-hour process reduced to 10-minutes with a beautiful, consistent and branded report.

The lab-to-customer report process at St.-Croix Sensory is key in their business. This process reflects the professional lab service and the top quality customer deliverables they provide their customers with.

Project highlights:

  • Automatic lab results data import or manual entry of multiple samples lab results
  • Archiving and retrieval of customers projects essentially serving as a customers management system
  • Results presentation in a uniquely created chart: This Rose Diagram is not a standard Excel chart
  • Automatic PDF customer report generation along with an Excel format report – attached and Emailed to the customer
Customer Projects - Lab Results to Customer Report Solution
Customers Projects - Lab Results to Customer Report Solution