Production Planning & Execution Solution

A precision sheet-metal manufacturer in the UAE needed a solution to support the complete process from Purchase Order, through Bill of Material calculation, manufacturing up to Quality Control.

Project highlights:

  • End-to-end process: Receive PO, calculate Bill of Material, post to production, production reporting, quality control
  • Production station special screen design: upcoming parts to be produced, shift management, production reporting in real-time
  • Robust architecture with a central Database supporting concurrent users and scalable for years

The solution automatically reads Purchase Orders received as Excel files, populating its Manufacturing Bill of Materials as a preparation for production posting.


Customers Projects - Production Planning & Execution

Each part to be produced has its own manufacturing trip through up to five production stations. Each station has its Production Workbench where Purchase Orders are selected per their priority, production fulfillment is reported and tracked. Only parts completed in previous stations are made available for production.


Production Planning & Execution Software Solution

The solution offers Quality Control reports, production status per station per Purchase Order, Bill of Materials and parts summary reports.
The solution was developed on Excel VBA using an external MySQL Database, following a business requirements analysis phase before planning, designing and developing the solution.