Training, Competency & Certifications System

A multinational company in the transportation industry trains and certifies hundreds of employees every year. Licenses renewal cannot be missed. An end-to-end solution for planning, execution and assessment of trainings and certifications for hundreds of employees was developed and is now a mission-critical solution for the company.

Citadis Israel employees receive SMS and email messages reminding them on their upcoming training. The Planning Department oversee an annual training & certification process serving several production departments. They never miss any certification or license renewal anymore. Any department manager oversees his employees’ achievements, trainings, makes changes for his employees and produces department-level reports.

Project highlights:

  • Role-based work centers: planning, department managers, employees
  • Tailored dashboards by role: for the department managers, planning department and employees
  • Dymanic annual planning board allows starting from the complete annual training plan, drilling down to specific trainings and participants
  • Certifications production are automatically produced and emailed to employees who passed the training
  • SMS and Email reminders are automaticallysent at pre-configured times ahead of trainings
  • Robust architecture with a central Database supporting concurrent users and scalable for years
Customers Projects - Training, Competency & Certifications System
Customers Projects - Training, Competency & Certifications System